The Message

from BUNKS (2013 Tour Compilation) by BUNKS



I came with a message, I hope you accept it,
I’ll tell you directly, that my life’s been crazy,
I’ve been through addictions, I’ve been through the hustle,
I’ve been so conflicted, still daily I struggle,
The debt has piled up, the rent is past due,
I’m stuck with no end, so what should I do?
I bury my feelings, I bitch to this paper,
I hold my son close and exhale the vapors,
Cause smoke gets me by, I don’t question why,
I stick to these rhymes till the day that I die,
These beats, they define, the flows that I ride,
I gave it my all, kept opened my mind,
If I had it, I shared it and suffered the costs,
Been broke my whole life and still I’m the boss,
You want to test me, I’ll hand you the loss,
The BUNKS are my clan, they come when I call,
One Mic is the dream, I’ll never let fall,
So many words, I can’t catch them all,
Embrace all the music like gloves to a ball,
Keep open the field, avoid all the traps,
Societies collapse,
All fiends relapse,
The stocks they crash,
Depression attacks,
History repeats,
I’m sticking to that,
And that’s a wrap…


from BUNKS (2013 Tour Compilation), released July 14, 2013
produced by Joshua Smotherman
written by Joshua Smotherman
recorded at One Mic Studios - Murfreesboro, TN


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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