Its Music

from Soul Rebel Music by BUNKS



I’ve got this new addiction and I don’t know where to start,
This thing is taking over me, its moved into my heart,
Its summer, spring, winter, fall, the seasons, man, it goes with all,
It may not be a safety net, but will be there to catch you when you fall,
Its that feeling that you get when your soul starts to let go,
You can feel it in your bones and then you feel it in your soul,
Its that movement that takes over when your body lose control,
You stay groovin’, steady movin’ man, and going with the flow,
Its that peace, that love, that ectasy,
That hate, that rage, that’s filling me,
It’s the feeling that you felt when you first learned about the birds and bees,
Soundtrack to all your skinned knees, first kisses, heartbreaks, then and thee,
The sound you hear when thinkin’ bout cruisin’ in your SUV,
It’s the wind that whistles in your ear, and all the scary things you fear,
Still brings out the best in everything you know that will be right there,
I’d love to tell you more, but now I’m afraid I’ll lose it,
The last thing that I’ll tell you, this is how I feel about music.

Its all about the heists and hustles, the times and struggles,
Its more than how we flex this muscle, lets end this struggle,
Its music…Its music...

You can take it all away but at the end of the day, I still got my music…
When you’re bringing unmatched noise knowledge and sound how can you refuse it?
Bottom line you can’t take my flow, every time I’ma steal the show,
City to city let me go, unleash this beast from coast to coast,
Don’t believe you understand, I’m reaching out with helping hands,
Touching down in foreign lands, is all embedded in this plan,
Don’t have much, but I know how to give, barely get by, but I know how to live,
Sacrifice self, do this all for my kids, I give it my all with this pad and this pen,
Take it so lightly if you choose, sit back listen, pop that brew,
Roll that blunt, do what you do, we the BUNKS, we here for you,
Life so hard? You not alone, we’ll get you by, we’ll take you home,
Come on ride through Tennessee, learn about our tendencies,
Country roads, county fairs, family trees, mountain air,
You can try and find us but your GPS won’t help you here.


from Soul Rebel Music, released July 15, 2010


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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