Hells Bells

from Modern Day Griot by J.Smo of BUNKS



Step into the ring, Medellin when I sing
Pour these lines out on the table show you what I really mean
Raised in a time when we weighed on triple beams
Take a little portion then you triple up your cream
Do a little dirt just to build a life that's clean
That's the gritty truth about this American dream
Hide in plain sight, stay pure with your intent
Are you evil in your ways? or you just trying to pay the rent?
Lift it to the ceiling let them know how you feeling
Fists into the air let them know your heart's beating
Put the pressure on them let the forces start retreating
Power in unity, it's community we feeding
Flip the rage, take the stage, be the change that you seeking
Infiltrate the system, from inside you start beaming
Infect them like a virus, they never see you coming
By the time that they find you it's too late to start running

Hells bells...
It's time to bring it down
Hells bells...
It's time to ring them now

On the search for prophets with some profits they be sharing
You think you see it clearly but the truth it ain't apparent
These creditors, editors, when they playing with your finance
Swooping in to save the day then fuck you with no romance
You smell what I'm cooking? you feel what I'm saying?
Puppet masters pulling strings, the games we be playing
People acting strange while the predators are preying
Blindly follow leaders to the darkness for the slaying
Happy in our cages, munchies for the cravings
Netflix and chill, influence younger ages
Lock them into patterns that will benefit the mages
Scrolling down the screen tapping images and favorites
Living in the bubble, no clue they in the matrix
Leave yourself vulnerable, you right there for the taking
Chew up and spit us out and leave us there to rot
They take off in a rocket, we become a slave to bots


from Modern Day Griot, released February 28, 2019
produced by Tonedef tha Killa
written and performed by J.Smo of BUNKS


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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