Dope (prod by JAW)

from Words Beyond Measure by EKD x J.Smo



Fra DK til Cali, til Japan,
du ved det holdes på, ægte rap, El Capitan,
vi holder stand, vi værner om Forstanden
spytter vers som er sande, battler Fanden og det grimme
som der inficerer manden, fake mc'er er på spanden
står kafir i deres pande, de tight med Shaitan
de vil så gerne konkurer, fight med hinanden
jeg vil bare inspirer, med min vibe og min stemme
med min poesi, men du ved det mer end bar kvæd
når jeg writer med min pen, er det mer end bar facade
det rhymes til dit sind, til din mind, jeg din ven
fuck hype, fame og penge – bar du nice med din ting
jeg på vej til bli king – men der kun én Ruler
jeg tjener ingen andre end Him – det så cool - jeg
farlig som patroner i en gnarley sixshooter
tjener sagen, loyalt, jeg en fighter, og en trooper
Strugglen den er real, fucker ik med illusioner
Det ægte hiphop, ægte love, du må tro mig
jeg gør det ik for kroner, ik for snobbe, ik for kloner
jeg gør det ik for nossefår der fucker med dæmoner
jeg en thug i Babylonia, som der rocker amazoner
suckers ka ik nå mig, jeg en fucking lone owner
sørger for i stoner vågner, unplugger jer fra Matrix
rappens Morpheus, og jeg fucker ik med fake shit

From DK to Cali, to Japan,
you know it's kept on, real rap, El Capitan
we're holding up, we're maintaining Sanity
spitting true verses, battling the Devil and the ugly
Kafir (unbeliever) is written in their foreheads, fake mc's are in trouble
they really want to compete, fight with each other
I just want to inspire, with my vibe and my voice
with my poetry, but you know it's more than just songs
when I write with my pen, it's more than facade
it's rhymes to your mind (mind in Danish), to your mind (mind in English), I'm your friend
fuck hype, fame and money – so long as you're nice with your thing
I'm on the way to becoming king – but there is only one ruler
I serve no other than Him – it's so cool – I'm
dangerous as bullets in a gnarley sixshooter
I serve the cause loyally, I'm a fighter, I'm a trooper
The Struggle is real, I don't fuck with illusions
It's real hiphop, real love, you have to believe me
I don't do it for money, not for snobs, not for clones
I don't do it for idiots who fuck with demons
I'm a thug in Babylonia, who rocks Amazons
Suckers can't reach me, I'm a fucking lone owner
Making sure you wake up from your stoner, I unplug you from the Matrix
the Morpheus of rap, and I don't fuck with fake shit

An ancient chief in a new age
A shaman from a lost tribe filled with new rage
At the forces in tow keeping humans in a cage
Racing through these thoughts, unleash them on this page
Fight for new days, fight for different ways
Go against the grain, take the shots endure the pain
Crash it like a wave, engage the jurisdiction
Slow it with some friction, spraying my graffiti all over their predictions
Stick up rappers for their jewelry
Watch them cry like babies and laugh at the foolery
Tools to a system, clowns to entertain
Smoke and mirrors take the hype and drown it in the drain
Transcend the ego, elevate the game,
Overstand the situation, dropping knowledge with a flame
Hip Hop flowing through these veins, we lifted
Spreading love to all of my people, we gifted
Time to take it to another level then shut it down
In tune with a force hot enough to melt the crown
In a world soon to be autonomous
A beacon in the darkness till I reach my sarcophagus
Under the ancient ways, analyze the data
Empower the youth, remind them how to move the faders
Before plug-n-play push button Darth Vaders
Who stole the limelight, convinced the world to chase paper
And spend it on thrills, clothes, hoes, a pack of pills
Chase with some liquor till we make the vomit spill, ill
Embraced by a sickness
A lost soul on patrol always searching for a witness


from Words Beyond Measure, released November 3, 2018
written by EKD and J.Smo
produced by JAW


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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