J​.​Smo, DJ - Dance (ft DJ)

from Simmer by J.Smo



take technology and run with it
got the whole world in my hand so watch me get it
slide of my finger, tap of the screen
saying’ yo to my friends up in Calgary
while cruising through these roads down in Tennessee
promoting music to the world that people send to me
oh… I’m living the life, the one that I want, the one that I write
I flow… Where the wind blows, I go… Step into the room they know
who’s that crew, they BUNKS, everywhere they go they thump
when the people in the room, they jump
and when the bodies not there, oh well, we keep it movin’
remember 1999 when we dropped Steady Provin?

musical notes, lyrical quotes, spoken to the paper I wrote
Wrote down these lines, peace of mind, feeling fine to the vapors we smoke
DJ and his brother Smo on a beat from an iPhone
workin’ hard, homemade tracks on an old school radio

frequencies, I frequently, catch waves thru sounds set out to sea
fly thru these clouds like the ocean breeze
Pensacola sunsets close to family
I got the baddest chick, made her my wife
4 pets, two kids, yes I love my life
but I ain’t done yet, not even close
my oldest kid in Tallahassee so we got to go
all over this road tryin’ to keep control
DJ got the wheel so I’m about to doze
pumped full of caffeine but what do you know?
my body say go to sleep but my mind screaming go!
I ain’t gonna stop
The cops came knocking, I avoid getting’ popped
ask me how I do it? I ain’t gonna tell
some things stay a secret, some things stay for sell, hell

BUNKS boogie, step aside rookies, roll up the kushy, taste buds are wussy
weight distribution, mass confusion
connect, conversate, and illusion
cut it cruising, stars of hate are blooming
what are you consuming’?, get on the level people choosing
or are they chosen for? either way…we want more
endure, make sure, complete, while touching’ from a
whole new world, new girl, lifestyle change
you can see it from a range
keep your money in your wallet, if you hear it you will follow it
wow, smile, calm your nerves
listen to the words of a preacher’s preserve
indeed, forseen, what is unseen
believe, make a statement, consider the arrangement.

one thing – elevate
that’s the simple message I attempt to communicate
out in the world for this truth I aim to excavate
knowledge from above, they refuse to disseminate
dirty work…someone’s gotta do it
rise above the rest like the steam off the fluid
look into my past, find the remnants of a Druid
now I know why this world want me ignorant, stupid
so silly, sell sex, sell deceit
sell broken parts, just keep the receipt
change our attitude, much needed last week
up the mountain we go, hope we never reach our peak
I don’t ever want to come down
never end this mission bringing unmatched noise knowledge and sound
never stop banging for the love of the crowd
when you step in the BUNK, recognize the crown


from Simmer, released April 25, 2018
produced by J.Smo of BUNKS
written by J.Smo and DJ


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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