All About The Benjamins

from by BUNKS



Convoluted distributions make it past our third eye,
The third try, you lost your charm,
you paid the cost, but what’s the price?
Was it worth your other life?
Might have been broke, you were living right,
Dreams fed to you from a screen,
She’s too fat and he’s too mean,
Match your reds and match your greens,
Try this mauve, it looks so clean,
Buy your boss a guillotine; you can live among this greed,
Don’t you want it? Please succeed,
80s Babies did the deeds; CIA made them the fiends…
From the powder to the rocks, from the sacks up in your socks,
From the money to the safe, I feel your pain if you relate,
Correlate experiences, settle up the differences,
It’s all about the benjamins, no matter what the business is.

It’s all about the benjamins, no matter what the business is,
Evaluate your worth and cash it in for the dividends,
Appraisers set the price, never notice any differences,
They’ll sell you for the low.

Instinct is what we think,
Natural abilities to comprehend,
Legislated through businessmen,
Wall Street competing until highest price lands,
Self-employment and free love will advance,
Mass production of soul called life supports,
Foreign imported destruction of empowerment,
Relevance is key to success of intelligence,
It’s all elementary, evidently

It’s all about the benjamins,
We all some type of businessmen,
Call me Bill Gates, cause I never stack my paper thin,
I’m in to win at any cost; no wonder fellas call me boss,
Built this thing from sticks and stones ain’t no way I’ma take a loss,
Sticks and stones may break my bones; they’ll never slow me down,
I’ma keep my business growing as long as I’m around,
Feel the BUNKS In Ya Trunk and you know it’s going down,
This empire that we’re building is the talk of the town,
Towns they talk, hens they squawk,
If you bad for my business, then you best just take a walk,
Make it real long off a short short pier,
Only your momma won’t know that you ain’t here,
But if you’re going to stay I can make you disappear,
This place is up in Grundy, people ain’t seen in years,
So when you’re making moves, better get it on the go,
I’ll sell you at a high and take you for a low.


from BUNKS (2013 Tour Compilation), released July 14, 2013
written by Joshua Smotherman, Joshua Grosch, and DJ Smotherman
produced by BUNKS
recorded at One Mic Studios - Murfreesboro, Tennessee


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge and Sound.

We are a hip hop collective from Manchester, Tennessee that has been releasing music since 1999.

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