Words Beyond Measure

by EKD x J.Smo

Beastmode 03:11
Back to the future, the now, the moment Rap from the Tutors, ounces of potion Facts of the Fusion, bountiful omens Throw your hands up if you Down with the docents, Clowns lay dorment, or Bounce like the doorman, If fakes act up, just Frown like a foreman, or show them the potence, squash you opponents let ‘em know raw’s worth more than diplomas own them, or pown them, they boneless and phony They Tony Baloni, so show them the Cony Islander style, violence and guile, apply them the wild, with the silencer-smile, Let ‘em die in denial, send ‘em off to our chief with the force and the speed, of a dog after beef or a hawk, make it brief, with the claws and the beak let ‘em meet their defeat, then get off all discrete (neat) We the rawness - The Beast - we the forces unleashed we the storm taking form, on the calmest of seas here to torment the creeps, the corrupt of elites and their brawns, the police, dumb thugs on the beat This is Hip Hop detached from corporate control Music for our minds, catch us as we flow Gritty till we shine, buff the rust in the cold Digging through the trenches, play our cards, never fold Upping all the stakes, archives in the crates History never lies, the substance on our plate Eat it up, lick it up, absorb all the feelings Feel the rhythm as it moves you, spirits through the ceiling Blast off, drifting through space Left with my thoughts, all the spots I can’t erase Moving through time, all these wants I want to chase No chance to hesitate or fall behind in this race Running so hard but feel I’m running in place Searching for a breakthrough, looking for a taste Moving in haste but we need to slow down Observe, recollect, because we coming for the crown. We the rawness - The Beast - we the forces unleashed we the storm taking form, on the calmest of seas here to torment the creeps, the corrupt of elites and their brawns, the police, dumb thugs on the beat
bar en taber i systemet – men en dræber med min rim jeg en ægte rap fiend – mange Daner er til grin de ka ane en strategi – men ved de planen profeti de mundæne er profane, kun på sjælen jeg er rig hva fanden ka jeg sig – tror det ren fantasi at jeg blot er skizzofren – at det megalomani jeg din mayn EKD – ik sædvanlig MC så det svært at greje sagen og hva fan' det ska lign ja de damer er fin – men ik' alt er for fi'en jeg i cølibat, muslim – i gamle dage var det fint nu vi alle åh så frie – men det kun sexuelt har den gale disciplin, finder ro i mig selv har den gale energi – jeg en damn superhelt men de ser mig som en skurk – ka ik fat' forskellen har en mass' at fotrælle – svedig rap til din celler grå håber at du nede med den måde jeg fortæller på på Smo produktioner - dope vibrationer coaster til toner – og roaster dæmoner gør Babylonkse kloner til kloger personer får dem til at genopstå – og forstå refleksioner Just a loser in the system - but a killer with my rhymes I'm a true rap fiend - a lot of Danes are a joke they can sense a strategy - but do they know the plan is prophecy? the rich are profane, it's only on soul I'm rich But what can I say - (they) think it's purely imagination That's I'm just skizzophrenic - that it's megalomania I'm your man EKD - not a usual MC Difficult to understand what the case is, what it's supposed to be Yes the women are fine - but not everything is for pussy I'm in celibacy, muslim - in old days it was fine Now we're all so free - but only sexually (I) have mad discipline - (I) find peace in myself I have the mad energy - I'm a damn superhero But they view me as a villain - can't tell the difference (I) have lots to tell - cool rap for your gray cells I hope you are down with the way I tell it in on Smo productions - dope vibrations coasting to tunes - roasting demons Making Babylonian clones into smarter persons Reviving them - making them understand reflections Understand reflections… Bottom of the barrel, a peasant to a king Needle in a haystack, the dirt on your jeans An alcoholic father with alcoholic parents And I can be a junkie since I’m feeling transparent Demons on my shoulder, weight like a boulder Some say a martyr but I’m feeling like a soldier Mental warfare, a lot to bear, avoid the media Programmed by messages delivered by the greediest Process the bombs, avoid all the shots During peacetime, we will gamble on slots Waste away earnings for work we forgot The cycles, the habits, the things we can’t stop Weathered by time, conditioned by the storm Living in a box afraid to stray from the norm meet the status quo, stand straight in line A sheep to a herd, no reflection of the mind. Understand reflections We need to understand reflections Go on look at your reflection See the symbols, ancient times, reflections.
Easy going, easy flowing, just rewarding myself good peeps all over, who be needin’ our help Fuck the selfish, the wealthy neglecting their alms Shelter’s not gonna hinder Armagedeon’s pawns Raging Storms, forest-fires, still believing you blessed living in denial, still can’t perceive it’s a test better sleep, get some rest, on the words that I speak you know the verbal lightning bolts that I hurl from my peak working for that world peace, you do the opposite shit because you broke, and you need a big war for the quids far from legit, gig’s up, letting them know so they can close the curtains on your whole treacherous show raking the dough, on sacrificing your own like pawns in a game of chess, far from home masonic society, Skull & Bones, toga parties smiling having good times, on piles of bodies You know I’ll fight like a brave - ‘til I lie in my grave You know your lies can’t save your whole line from disgrace better open both eyes - cease’ playing with fire in denial, change ways, for the straits are dire Everywhere I look I see the foundations crumbling Information overload our souls they are plundering Falling for the trap, we some saps, leaves me wondering If it’s time to bring the rain, hammer down, it’s thundering Programmed for war, activate the system Infiltrate with music, spread the web and make them listen This world’s at war, it’s fighting for attention Convinced that we’re free while we build our own prisons Their mission accomplished, suppress their knowledge Entire generations became debt slaves after college Call this an homage to things never abolished Serving us turds painted gold with shiny polish We take it, we love it, we want some more of it Makes me sick deep down feel it tear apart my stomach Navigate the straits, they are dire near the summit Watch the kingdom fall apart when their stocks start to plummet. You know I’ll fight like a brave - ‘til I lie in my grave You know your lies can’t save your whole line from disgrace better open both eyes - cease’ playing with fire in denial, change ways, for the straits are dire
Words beyond measure emerge from the ledger Nerds playing catchup, we work like a ketcher smashing verbs on beats, we defeating them all Wisemen on the rise, Rhyme and Reason the call Vision of a hawk, Vissionary Hordebreaker Slaying orcs like a King in the North, en Hård Saga de faker, claimer de har dames som Lou Bega men de klammer end fluffer, de rundehuller de dater jeg bater haters, spytter flames for jeg blessed by the maker en Great Dane, og en Teacher, der ka' straight elevate ya som Sess fra Jamaica – når vi lifter dig sådan vi går i krig mod Babylon, som Salazifar ånden vi updater mentaler, på lækre instrumentaler bilinguale street-poeter, der verbalt spraymaler kromatiser minds, med det ish som vi taler connecter dots, ser the signs, vælter fæs pædistaler originaler, der ik' bailer, ser den gennem missionen tæm' dæmonen, for ellers Helved' endestationen jeg penner poems, der ka væk jer fra det Matrix i tror er virkeligheden, Lord Krom er lig de mægtigste ord Vision of a hawk, Vissionary Hordebreaker slaying orcs like a King in the North, a tough saga they fake, claiming they have dames like Lou Bega but they’re nastier than fluffers, the whores they’re dating I bate haters, spit flames ‘cause I’m blessed by the maker a Great dane and a teacher, that can straight elevate ya like sess from Jamaica, when we lifting you like that we go to war against Babylon, like the Salazifar spirit we’re updating mentals, on lovely instrumentals bilingula street poets, who spraypaints verbally chromatising minds with the ish we’re speaking connecting dots, seeing the signs, pushing over fools’ pedistals originals who won’t bail, we see the mission through taming demons, for otherwise Hell is the final station I pen poems that can awake you from the matrix you think is reality, Lord Krom equals the mightiest words Words beyond measure emerge from the ledger Nerds playing catchup, we work like a ketcher smashing verbs on beats, we defeating them all Wisemen on the rise, Rhyme and Reason the call Words beyond measure, poison for pleasure Shamans to the tribe, science you can’t measure Quality, quantify, experimental art Disconnect from the aisles filled with the shopping carts Visualize the matrix, take it back to basics Repeat the stages, observe all the phases Drip it through the beakers, mix it like a chemist Push through these times like I have no limits Digging for the samples that contain all the secrets Glance into the mysteries that leave the mind peaking Dig what I’m cooking? let’s get to the feasting Knowledge of the ancients, show respect to what I’m speaking Meditate, start thinking Find the center, less drinking Open up the mind, document with rhymes Salute to Riot Craig for the wealth in these lines Words beyond measure. Words beyond measure emerge from the ledger Nerds playing catchup, we work like a ketcher smashing verbs on beats, we defeating them all Wisemen on the rise, Rhyme and Reason the call
Fra DK til Cali, til Japan, du ved det holdes på, ægte rap, El Capitan, vi holder stand, vi værner om Forstanden spytter vers som er sande, battler Fanden og det grimme som der inficerer manden, fake mc'er er på spanden står kafir i deres pande, de tight med Shaitan de vil så gerne konkurer, fight med hinanden jeg vil bare inspirer, med min vibe og min stemme med min poesi, men du ved det mer end bar kvæd når jeg writer med min pen, er det mer end bar facade det rhymes til dit sind, til din mind, jeg din ven fuck hype, fame og penge – bar du nice med din ting jeg på vej til bli king – men der kun én Ruler jeg tjener ingen andre end Him – det så cool - jeg farlig som patroner i en gnarley sixshooter tjener sagen, loyalt, jeg en fighter, og en trooper Strugglen den er real, fucker ik med illusioner Det ægte hiphop, ægte love, du må tro mig jeg gør det ik for kroner, ik for snobbe, ik for kloner jeg gør det ik for nossefår der fucker med dæmoner jeg en thug i Babylonia, som der rocker amazoner suckers ka ik nå mig, jeg en fucking lone owner sørger for i stoner vågner, unplugger jer fra Matrix rappens Morpheus, og jeg fucker ik med fake shit From DK to Cali, to Japan, you know it's kept on, real rap, El Capitan we're holding up, we're maintaining Sanity spitting true verses, battling the Devil and the ugly Kafir (unbeliever) is written in their foreheads, fake mc's are in trouble they really want to compete, fight with each other I just want to inspire, with my vibe and my voice with my poetry, but you know it's more than just songs when I write with my pen, it's more than facade it's rhymes to your mind (mind in Danish), to your mind (mind in English), I'm your friend fuck hype, fame and money – so long as you're nice with your thing I'm on the way to becoming king – but there is only one ruler I serve no other than Him – it's so cool – I'm dangerous as bullets in a gnarley sixshooter I serve the cause loyally, I'm a fighter, I'm a trooper The Struggle is real, I don't fuck with illusions It's real hiphop, real love, you have to believe me I don't do it for money, not for snobs, not for clones I don't do it for idiots who fuck with demons I'm a thug in Babylonia, who rocks Amazons Suckers can't reach me, I'm a fucking lone owner Making sure you wake up from your stoner, I unplug you from the Matrix the Morpheus of rap, and I don't fuck with fake shit An ancient chief in a new age A shaman from a lost tribe filled with new rage At the forces in tow keeping humans in a cage Racing through these thoughts, unleash them on this page Fight for new days, fight for different ways Go against the grain, take the shots endure the pain Crash it like a wave, engage the jurisdiction Slow it with some friction, spraying my graffiti all over their predictions Stick up rappers for their jewelry Watch them cry like babies and laugh at the foolery Tools to a system, clowns to entertain Smoke and mirrors take the hype and drown it in the drain Transcend the ego, elevate the game, Overstand the situation, dropping knowledge with a flame Hip Hop flowing through these veins, we lifted Spreading love to all of my people, we gifted Time to take it to another level then shut it down In tune with a force hot enough to melt the crown Rebels In a world soon to be autonomous A beacon in the darkness till I reach my sarcophagus Under the ancient ways, analyze the data Empower the youth, remind them how to move the faders Before plug-n-play push button Darth Vaders Who stole the limelight, convinced the world to chase paper And spend it on thrills, clothes, hoes, a pack of pills Chase with some liquor till we make the vomit spill, ill Embraced by a sickness A lost soul on patrol always searching for a witness J.Smo.
det J.Smo, EKD, JAW vi pænt på – og vi får det shit til at ske hiphop bevægelse global – total takeover - gir jer noget at tænk over – mentalt makeover, de fake sover - mens de ægte kører på i går i stå med jeres pløre – og i høre ik det klog men i hater stadig – kritiserer det noget i kan vi leverer bar det sand der opgrader jeres forstand tar over hvert et land – og vi brænder jeres flage patriotisk propaganda – rend og hop med jeres stat for det mennesket over staten – Gud over det hele nogle de stolte for de rige, men det uden de vil dele og folket er ik frie, og det dem der slider, slæber diverse distraktioner, holder glid i deres kæber vil skide på jeres neighbor, byg en stor mur som Trump - karikaturen på en leder-figur it's J.Smo, EKD, JAW We're quite on - and we make shit happen hip hop movement global - total takeover - giving you something to think about - mental makeover, The fake sleep - while the real keep at it you come to a stand still with your shit – and do not hear the wise yet you still hate – criticizing is something you can do we just deliver the truth, which upgrades your mind we take over every country – and we burn your flags patriotic propaganda – fuck off with your state because it's mankind over the state – God over all some are proud because they're rich, but it's without sharing and the people aren't free, and it's they who do the toiling various distractions keep their jaws grinding you don't give a fuck about your neighbor, want to build a great wall like Trump, the caricature of a leader figure We getting frightened and blinded If we dont’ stay awake and right minded Don’t let it slip away, seize your highness Seize the day, seize the night, keep your mind lit. Spark it, plant the seeds and watch them grow Let the rivers run, feel abundance with this flow Digging ruts with a routine, stuck in a daydream Rats in a race churning butter into cream Lemons into lemonade, perspective is the key Reflect the inner mindset, you are what you believe Flip the script, slap the pimp, modify the code Face the fears, wipe the tears, reap what you sow Take the harvest, share the wealth, this is what we do Share the knowledge, overstand, leave you with a clue Keep your mind lit, awareness is the tool Guarantee you rise above the ones who stay a fool Guarantee you recognize the garage in your food Taste the poison, prcoessed in all we consume But don’t be stopped by all the stories spreading gloom Take the fear and gulp it down, be the tallest in the room. We getting frightened and blinded If we dont’ stay awake and right minded Don’t let it slip away, seize your highness Seize the day, seize the night, keep your mind lit.
Livet er ik nemt – hvorfor sku det også vær det man lær af hva man går igennem – transformeres af smerte nogle ka ik bær det – slangers gift går i deres hjerte mange ka ik kaperer hva der sker op i deres hjerne eksistensen fjern fra hva de drømte om og håbet vil bare føle kærlighed – men føler sig så hånet af folk de havde følelser for – så nu de nede og stoned folk ka vær så følelseskold, og ønske du blir bonet ownet, sat på plads, hevet ned, sat ud af spillet men vid det ik er alle der ser det sådan, ha lidt tillid ha det chillet, mens jeg maler dette billed ikke al’ vil dig se grillet, la din smerte blive stillet, til tonerne fra JAW og rimene fra ham Lord Krom – der sørger for melankolien den blir kort problemerne ik bort – men de tætter på vær løst når du ignorer mørket lidt, og vælger set lidt lys – Fokuser på lyset, på de gode ting i livet der masser gode folk, i verden, tag dem ik for givet fuck nu alle de whack fucks, der ik vil se dig glad byg på tilværelsen, la ingen split den ad Life is not easy – why should it be? You learn from what you through – become transformed through pain some can’t bear it – the snake poison goes to their hearts many can’t cope with what happens in their minds The existence is far from what they dreamed of and hoped just want to feel love – but feel so mocked by people they had feelings for – so now they are down and stoned People can be so cold and wish you get boned ownet, put in place, pulled down, put out of the game but know not all see it that way, have some trust have it chilled while i paint this picture not all want you grilled, let your pain be killed, to the tones from JAW and the rhymes from him Lord Krom – who ensures the melancholy will be short the problems won’t go away – but they’ll be closer to being solved when you ignore the dark for a bit, and choose too see a little light – Prøv at bli lidt glad, men la vær at føl dig tvunget værdsæt den fred der hersker, når du hør hva der blir sunget af Krom på de kvæd, der ikke gør jer så fordummet som det lort, de fake folk, claimer bedre og har vundet det shit er midlertidigt, yo, det ægte ik forsvundet det bare finde det frem og press play på albummet hør gems’ne blive forbundet, bare vibe og ha det nice chille som ved en pejs, og reflekter på din rejs der ingen ligesom mig, og der ingen ligesom dig og hvis du faret vild i rodet, så la rimene vis’ vejen læs tidens tegn, regn på lortet, lig en plan tag hånd om livet, ik la andre styrer, grib dagen hold dig til sagen, fuldfør målene som du sætter lad dem ikke fald til jorden, ligesom nytårsfortsætter og hvis du fejler og falder, når livet gir dig et dask så rejs dig atter, giv det skalder, vis du stadig er frisk Try to be a little happy, but don’t feel you are forced to appreciate the peace that prevails when you hear what is being sung by Krom on the verses that does not make you so stupid Like that shit, the fake people claim is better and have won That shit is temporary, yo, the real has not disappeared just bring it out and press play on the album hear the gems become connected, just vibe and have it nice chill like by a fireplace and reflect on your journey There’s nobody like me, and nobody like you and if you got lost in the mess, let the rhymes lead the way read the signs of the times, calculate on the shit, lay a plan handle life, don’t let others control you, seize the day stick to the case, complete the goals that you set do not let them fall to the ground like new year’s resolutions and if you fail and fall when life gives you a smack Then get up again, do your best, show you’re still fresh Focus on the light, on the good things in life There are many good people in the world, don’t take them for granted fuck all the whack fucks that don’t want to see you happy build on existence, do not let anyone split it even those closest to you can switch game, stay focused on self, take the shots and maintain, transcend the ego, conquer self-esteem, stand tall above the weeds, strong roots will succeed, surviving all the storms, stand the test of time, from the DJs to the breakers to the painters to the rhymes, Hip Hop, it don’t quit, it don’t stop, we still spit, languages criss-cross, united, you feel this, from Sactown to Denmark, English to Danish, beacons in the darkness, light the shores, yeah we made it, remind the generations of the history we saving, leave the negative, positivity portraying, facing all my demons, full of fear, yet I slay them, rising from the ashes, full of scars, I parley them, risking everything for greater gains, we are building, J.Smo, EKD, raise it way past the ceiling
Husk at hvil husk at smil husk at tag den med ro hook op med ligesindet sjæle lig nogle planer der go yo du må så deres frø før end planter ka gro du må work for at earn så hva venter du på du tror min tro er en skrøne men det ændre ik på jeg stadig ber en bøn for dig og skænker dig flows jeg håber på ka nå dit sind, væk fornuften igen for den er væk og op i luften, ligesom snuppet af vinden som havde du puffet hundrede pinde, glemt totalt hvem du er helt forsvundet, ligesom minder om de dage du havde kær konspirer, men de ægte folk de værner om æren hægter sig på andres hjerner, men blir fjern op i pæren det trist, tendens på tider med forfærdeligt på færde jeg prøver bring jer indsigt, jeg fylder skærene med lære og mens i fæ begærer stjerner og vil være millionærer der bekæmper vi den terror der hemmeligt florerer vi i krig mod de djævle som der manipulerer vi kæmper for det gode i mennesket, for de sande værdier vi prøver sæt jer fri fra jeres mentale lænker prøver få jer til at tænk, og det på tværs af kontinenter We’re at war Remember to rest, remember to smile, remember to take it with ease Hook up with likeminded souls, make some plans that are good yo you must sow their seeds before plants can grow you must work to earn, so what are you waiting for? you think my faith is a myth but it does not change that I still pray a prayer for you, and grant you flows I hope can reach your mind, wake your reason because it’s gone, up in the air, like taken by the wind like you had puffed a hundred jays, totally forgot who you are all gone, like memories of the days you held dear conspiring, while real people maintain their honor latching on to others’ brains, but losing your mind (in the process) it’s sad/tragic, a tendency of times with terrible things going on I try to bring you insight, I fill the tracks with teachings and while you fools lust for stars and want to be millionaires we wage war against the terror that secretly flourishes We’re at war against the devils who manipulate We fight for the good in humans, for true values We’re trying to set you free from your mental chains trying to make you think, and that’s across continents everywhere you look, every screen you touch, the messages propagate, they are tailored for us, targets to consume, feel envy, feel shame, these negative emotions, they steer us like the reigns, loyal to a brand, all the heroes disappeared, spend all that money, escape all these fears, distract from the obvious, distract from these tears, lost in the shuffle, paying bills, grinding gears, go, go, go, go, when do we stop? more, more, more, spill it over the top, greed, greed, greed and cream, cream, cream, who has time to pause, pursue a dream? reminisce on days I relied on triple-beams, pour it on the page, let you read between the seams, faced all my demons, still fending them off, never let your guard down cause the world is non-stop
Antithesis to pop culture, epitome Saddened by the zombie-like state, this delinquency Standing in the belly of the beast, the enemy Dodging all the shots as they aim low to hinder me Mental warfare on your dome, the frequency Manipulate the airwaves, the program directing me Until I woke up from the dream, play the game A wolf in sheep’s clothing, blend in, ignite the flame Burn from within, add gas and go insane Feel the fumes linger long after we infect your brain Rebel from the inside, teach the sheep to shut it down Grab the mic, two records, watch us the rock crowd Denmark to Cali, we rumble through the underground Lo-fi, gritty, pack a punch with this sound Straight to the jugular, beats by JAW Chop the solar plexus, uppercut with this claw Everyday screaming yes, yes, yes y’all. Insanity, inhumanity, rotting brains, low on energy and pain Downtrodden drain, vanity, the games people play Who’s to blame? The enemy of man got so many acting strange. Foolish and deranged, damn near amnesiatic empty in the attic doesn’t equal clear of static mental acrobatics, gymnastics of the brain passionate about helping other people to maintain restrain the devil, never give it the reins you got a long way to travel like an Orient train ‘cross forest and plain, through the downpouring rain dreams of glory and fame, ruin lives like Corey Haim’s there’s more to that story if you ask the other Corey same creep if it’s in a limousine or a lorry luciferian showbiz, sinful indulgence dedacent schemers in control of the audience everybody wants their portion of the fortune my best advice is to proceed with caution extortion, bribes, corruption is rampant gonna be alright though, the struggle’s never stagnant Insanity, inhumanity, rotting brains, low on energy and pain Downtrodden drain, vanity, the games people play Who’s to blame? The enemy of man got so many acting strange.
Another late night, another day with no sleep Grinding hard for everything I love, the company I keep My kids are tucked in bed, beats from Sage play in my head Wifey in the sky, spit these flows until she lands Scoop her up in Sacramento, take her to our residential Sneak up on her in the shower, leave the picture for your mental Most be dreaming of this love, call me blessed from high above That patient, slow, all night, soulful kind of love What you don’t see is what it takes to be the boss See the highlight reel then your envy starts to talk But you’re too lazy to walk Screaming gimme gimme gimme gimme some more Salute to Sage the One, let my homie up the score I’m out the door Jump into the Flex, I-5 North, windows down Let that California air spread the sounds, paint the town J.Smo, BUNKS, Sage the One, EKD, MPC Hip Hop, it don’t stop. This love I have is real, keeping me above troubled waters, but even finding peace can be a job in and of itself, life can be so tough, treat you rough beat you up, leave you bleeding in the mud, but we keep it up what else is there to do, than to seek the love and strive to keep it cool, keep it true we write the jewels, precious words for the thirsty minds the urge to rhyme got me bursting lines that reverse the lying cancel out the curses, bring real rap to the surface words with purpose, ‘cause they got you acting nervous I’m at your service though, flowing soul with J.Smo everytime we rhyme we close the curtains on the crazy show I’m not raking dough, not rotated on the radio that’s okay though, never believed that was the way to go I just wanna speak on a beat, set it free show my love, rep my steeze, be myself, EKD


A bilingual album written by EKD aka Lord Krom (Denmark) and J.Smo of BUNKS (Sacramento, USA). All songs written and performed in Danish and English.


released November 3, 2018

Written and performed by EKD and J.Smo
Production by JAW, Sage the One and J.Smo of BUNKS
(c) 2018 MPC Recording Company
(p) Unlimited Sounds International Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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