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Turn the fucking mic on, we in the building Turn up the beat, show our parents how we sinning Pass me the dutchie, let me show you how we hit it Used to flip them quarter backs, show you how we deal it Push the weight smooth, leverage in the hustle invest in this music, I will show you how we double Growth so slow, you will never have the patience In this game for decades, no desire to be famous Roll with me, flow with me, smoke with me Come on take it to another level, rise with me Nah, this Hip Hop it don't stop it don't quit In love with this culture since Hammer was legit And my heart will keep beating You don't know me but this is my greeting Been around for years but your radar just beeping Don't worry, I'll wait, you can catch up while I'm sleeping Rest in peace to TC Izlam, If you don't know that name, you go read something Better yet, go Google it The whole world watching while you're still a fool with it Nah, I ain't hating but the truth comes brutally Founders selling souls, with the devil they noodling Major cash advances, names cleared Erase all the history, your name is never smeared It's like the little kids you said you never reared Like a priest in a robe in a box with no beard Oh dear, don't make me say it Dark secrets of the founders to the surface never make it Medieval in the future, sacrifices for the taking Still raging against the machine, hold power for the ages Manipulate pawns, bring the shows to the stages They simply entertaining It's so heinous The shit they be doing just get to famous Looking for attention, never learned to be gracious Instant notifications, no sense of being patient But what am I to do? Solve all the mysteries like a dude who has a clue? Observer, recollect, on a shore in a Malibu Call all my goons, re-establish all the crew Let's make moves, the culture needs us They trying to deconstruct but we develop like fetus The cycle of our life, yes it is quite egregious Beware of the timeline, the importance of the sequence I'll stop preaching.
take technology and run with it got the whole world in my hand so watch me get it slide of my finger, tap of the screen saying’ yo to my friends up in Calgary while cruising through these roads down in Tennessee promoting music to the world that people send to me oh… I’m living the life, the one that I want, the one that I write I flow… Where the wind blows, I go… Step into the room they know who’s that crew, they BUNKS, everywhere they go they thump when the people in the room, they jump and when the bodies not there, oh well, we keep it movin’ remember 1999 when we dropped Steady Provin? musical notes, lyrical quotes, spoken to the paper I wrote Wrote down these lines, peace of mind, feeling fine to the vapors we smoke DJ and his brother Smo on a beat from an iPhone workin’ hard, homemade tracks on an old school radio frequencies, I frequently, catch waves thru sounds set out to sea fly thru these clouds like the ocean breeze Pensacola sunsets close to family I got the baddest chick, made her my wife 4 pets, two kids, yes I love my life but I ain’t done yet, not even close my oldest kid in Tallahassee so we got to go all over this road tryin’ to keep control DJ got the wheel so I’m about to doze pumped full of caffeine but what do you know? my body say go to sleep but my mind screaming go! I ain’t gonna stop The cops came knocking, I avoid getting’ popped ask me how I do it? I ain’t gonna tell some things stay a secret, some things stay for sell, hell BUNKS boogie, step aside rookies, roll up the kushy, taste buds are wussy weight distribution, mass confusion connect, conversate, and illusion cut it cruising, stars of hate are blooming what are you consuming’?, get on the level people choosing or are they chosen for? either way…we want more endure, make sure, complete, while touching’ from a whole new world, new girl, lifestyle change you can see it from a range keep your money in your wallet, if you hear it you will follow it wow, smile, calm your nerves listen to the words of a preacher’s preserve indeed, forseen, what is unseen believe, make a statement, consider the arrangement. one thing – elevate that’s the simple message I attempt to communicate out in the world for this truth I aim to excavate knowledge from above, they refuse to disseminate dirty work…someone’s gotta do it rise above the rest like the steam off the fluid look into my past, find the remnants of a Druid now I know why this world want me ignorant, stupid so silly, sell sex, sell deceit sell broken parts, just keep the receipt change our attitude, much needed last week up the mountain we go, hope we never reach our peak I don’t ever want to come down never end this mission bringing unmatched noise knowledge and sound never stop banging for the love of the crowd when you step in the BUNK, recognize the crown
4 AM time to rise and grind, get the kids out of bed so I can catch this flight, on a paper chase lately trying to build this life, been lost in the shuffle, been lost in the stars, been lost in the hustle, finding pieces of the puzzle, the haters start to shout, find a muzzle for that mouth, West Coast living but my core is Dirty South, assuming what you know but you don't know what I'm about, chilling in my lane, doing my own thing, building something epic, might even bring some change, even if it's small, the lasting impact will remain, peace never comes without sacrifice and pain, galactic, we looking at the skies, it's drastic, they trying to leave the planet, too tragic, invest a billion dollars like magic, while the rest of us are choking on plastic. hook: trying to understand the world, it ain't nothing but a whirl, changing so fast, these moments don't last, keep on moving forward 'til we forget the past. automate the cars, automate the system, automate your life soon they'll automate the prisons, invasion of the robots, replace all the humans, perfection in the program, we blindly consuming, I see it all coming yet I can't make it clear, technology theology is what we're holding near, strap us to the VR, start wondering who we are, the bound of reality have never strayed this far, where is it going? I have no clue but I have to keep flowing, I have to bring awareness, I have to flip the token, against all the odds I will show you what I've chosen, I will fight for my freedom, no amount of bling will impede on my kingdom, no amount of pressure will implode my being, I will stomp my feet and I will keep on singing. hook: trying to understand the world, it ain't nothing but a whirl, changing so fast, these moments don't last, keep on moving forward 'til we forget the past.
—–Verse 1 (in Danish)—– Livet er ik nemt – hvorfor sku det også vær det man lær af hva man går igennem – transformeres af smerte nogle ka ik bær det – slangers gift går i deres hjerte mange ka ik kaperer hva der sker op i deres hjerne eksistensen fjern fra hva de drømte om og håbet vil bare føle kærlighed – men føler sig så hånet af folk de havde følelser for – så nu de nede og stoned folk ka vær så følelseskold, og ønske du blir bonet ownet, sat på plads, hevet ned, sat ud af spillet men vid det ik er alle der ser det sådan, ha lidt tillid ha det chillet, mens jeg maler dette billed ikke al’ vil dig se grillet, la din smerte blive stillet, til tonerne fra JAW og rimene fra ham Lord Krom – der sørger for melankolien den blir kort problemerne ik bort – men de tætter på vær løst når du ignorer mørket lidt, og vælger set lidt lys – Fokuser på lyset, på de gode ting i livet der masser gode folk, i verden, tag dem ik for givet fuck nu alle de whack fucks, der ik vil se dig glad byg på tilværelsen, la ingen split den ad —–Verse 1 (in English)—– Life is not easy – why should it be? You learn from what you through – become transformed through pain some can’t bear it – the snake poison goes to their hearts many can’t cope with what happens in their minds The existence is far from what they dreamed of and hoped just want to feel love – but feel so mocked by people they had feelings for – so now they are down and stoned People can be so cold and wish you get boned ownet, put in place, pulled down, put out of the game but know not all see it that way, have some trust have it chilled while i paint this picture not all want you grilled, let your pain be killed, to the tones from JAW and the rhymes from him Lord Krom – who ensures the melancholy will be short the problems won’t go away – but they’ll be closer to being solved when you ignore the dark for a bit, and choose too see a little light – —–Verse 2 (in Danish)—– Prøv at bli lidt glad, men la vær at føl dig tvunget værdsæt den fred der hersker, når du hør hva der blir sunget af Krom på de kvæd, der ikke gør jer så fordummet som det lort, de fake folk, claimer bedre og har vundet det shit er midlertidigt, yo, det ægte ik forsvundet det bare finde det frem og press play på albummet hør gems’ne blive forbundet, bare vibe og ha det nice chille som ved en pejs, og reflekter på din rejs der ingen ligesom mig, og der ingen ligesom dig og hvis du faret vild i rodet, så la rimene vis’ vejen læs tidens tegn, regn på lortet, lig en plan tag hånd om livet, ik la andre styrer, grib dagen hold dig til sagen, fuldfør målene som du sætter lad dem ikke fald til jorden, ligesom nytårsfortsætter og hvis du fejler og falder, når livet gir dig et dask så rejs dig atter, giv det skalder, vis du stadig er frisk —–Verse 2 (in English)—- Try to be a little happy, but don’t feel you are forced to appreciate the peace that prevails when you hear what is being sung by Krom on the verses that does not make you so stupid Like that shit, the fake people claim is better and have won That shit is temporary, yo, the real has not disappeared just bring it out and press play on the album hear the gems become connected, just vibe and have it nice chill like by a fireplace and reflect on your journey There’s nobody like me, and nobody like you and if you got lost in the mess, let the rhymes lead the way read the signs of the times, calculate on the shit, lay a plan handle life, don’t let others control you, seize the day stick to the case, complete the goals that you set do not let them fall to the ground like new year’s resolutions and if you fail and fall when life gives you a smack Then get up again, do your best, show you’re still fresh —–Hook (in English)—– Focus on the light, on the good things in life There are many good people in the world, don’t take them for granted fuck all the whack fucks that don’t want to see you happy build on existence, do not let anyone split it —–Verse 3—– even those closest to you can switch game, stay focused on self, take the shots and maintain, transcend the ego, conquer self-esteem, stand tall above the weeds, strong roots will succeed, surviving all the storms, stand the test of time, from the DJs to the breakers to the painters to the rhymes, Hip Hop, it don’t quit, it don’t stop, we still spit, languages criss-cross, united, you feel this, from Sactown to Denmark, English to Danish, beacons in the darkness, light the shores, yeah we made it, remind the generations of the history we saving, leave the negative, positivity portraying, facing all my demons, full of fear, yet I slay them, rising from the ashes, full of scars, I parley them, risking everything for greater gains, we are building, J.Smo, EKD, raise it way past the ceiling
Dear God 04:05
forget the introductions, let me skip to the roots my daddy was a preacher and an alcoholic too but he hid that practice for 15 years so the night he went to rehab, i was shocked beyond tears numbed to my senses, let the fucking picture clear see the curtain fall as the truth is revealed the puzzle grows bigger as the pieces fall into place but the rage inside of me had just begun to take shape lured to the dark side, i took destructive paths swerved into the fast lane and never looked back i didn’t even think about the people that i hurt threw my middle fingers to religion and to the church my pain became my pride and to my Mama i am sorry she hurt a soul but daddy’s drinking stripped her jolly his late nights binges were the reason we were broke on top of credit cards - plastic money - what a joke Dear God i’m bent. these drugs have taken hold, my mind is spent i’m lost in the shuffle, trying to find a way to hustle on this road to make a life and get a grip Dear God i’m gone. so i’m pouring what’s left into this song i’m digging find my soul but somewhere down this road i lost control Haynes Manor, Murfreesboro, Tennessee live a double life on my search for identity so close to walkin’ out of MT with 2 degrees while working’ thru the pain baby mama pushed on me in between classes, snorting’ lines in the bathroom while chillin’, absorbing knowledge in the classroom then its find a ride or take a walk back home the goons been back at my crib pushin’ all of my dope take one to the dome and then to counting my ends it’s time to re-up, break it down, do it again it's a vicious cycle, and i’m spinning now the cops are catching on, i’m sinning what the hell would Daddy think? I failed the mission that boy is too stubborn, he never listens yeah he’s right, i have to do it my way but look into our history and that is how our genes play still dodgin’ the cops, still chasing the guap same hustle, same story, i just changed up the spot from the dimes at Womack to the bricks at Chelsea Place i accelerated quick on this road to disgrace but i was good a movin’ weight and the Mexicans knew it but little did we know a snitch would bring us to ruins and of course the story goes I thought this dude was my friend now i’m stuck inside a gangsta movie with a bitter end but his is real life, so i chose to walk away the day cops came and offered me a tattle’s pay i ain’t walkin’ down this road, i ain’t goin’ here no more i ain’t raisin’ kids to have no daddy...stuck here alone life is bad enough, they don’t need an extra head trip and money ain’t worth the sweat, the tears, or the blood drip so all you rappers can keep on actin’ hard but if you step to me, you better pray…. Dear God.
Conflicted 03:34
journey through my mind, find a man so conflicted, contemplating differences while keepin’ spirits lifted, struggle with myself to determine what’s right, stay tight, despite the goons creepin’ through the night, are they out to get me? or after something else? keep your eyes on the symbols and prepare to go stealth, something’s in the air but I just can’t place it, try to suppress my fears but bein’ forced to face it, turn off the TV and read a couple of books, start to realize that we trust a bunch of crooks, place our trust outside and lose control of self, while others blinded by their greed adn subjects of their wealth, where’s the humanity? losing to insanity, lookin’ for the man in me outside the course of vanity, break free from this cage, come with me and turn the page, stand up, seek truth, come together, find your way. hook 1, 2, 1, 2 man i need a mic check, everyday I’m waking up with more trash in the deck, all these cats in the field need to learn some respect, and learn about their past before they scream next journey through my mind, see a man so conflicted, every day a constant struggle just to stay lifted, trapped inside a world that I wish could be different, but stuck to adapt and apply myself to missions, seek the lost souls and connect all our spirits, power in unity will make all the difference, these lyrics are my tools and the music is the medium, try to break the program engrained by the media, dumbed down nutrition, mislead with labels, weaken our bodies, instill fear with fables, the more control we give when our bodies are not able, and everything that’s messed up is passed down to the cradle, worst thing of all is that none of us see it, but we all walk the line so zombies we are bein’, and you call this freedom? hook journey through my mind, feel a man so conflicted, yet gifted, but stuck in a land full of riches, with misfits who see fit to run this as they wish, and never trickle down when abundance is breeded, the balance is tipped, the masses are ripped, apart at the seams by the forces that pimp, slap all these hoes and put masks on they faces, without a labor force, there’s no goods to be traded, so design economies that are gradually inflated, then pop the balloon like the odds up in Vegas, extract all the fear and see the rats take their places, experiment success, now apply with God’s graces, feed into religion so our minds become complacent, overwhelm with luxuries so we forget the basics, vision gettin’ blurry so we order up the lasik, but nature has a way of giving balance to this matrix. hook
this Hip Hop, nah it never stops, take it back to the time before the era of Tupac, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, and Krush Groove, when music did more than make deals in the lunchroom, back when my juice came with no gin, back when rap stars weren’t fresh out the pin, doin’ dope deals then goin’ back again, every top 10 hit glorifies the seven sins, so I roll up, OG Cleen turn that stereo up, don’t kill my vibe off that P Chill funk, show the West Coast love when they stroll through the BUNK, never hear us on the mainstream, we never chasin’ after pipe dreams, i do this cause i do me, so sit back and ride to this beat. caught up in the current, survival of endurance, we burnin’ like a furance, we got the engine purrin’, not in a hurry, not tryin’ to reach our peak, slowly risin’ from the deep, simply ridin’ to these beats. all the rookies fall off cause they tryin’ to make it, we on to the next cause we already made it, find the lost souls and unplug from the matrix, Apocalypse Now, our mission is forsaken, so I chill and stay faded, engaged to the lab, married to the mic, make love to the music, make babies with my wife, my finances suck but I live a rich life, nah, numbers ain’t a thing, so much in this world that we aim to gain, it’s so much sweeter when you endure the pain, and see the sunshine reflect off the rain, keep the hate in my rearview, don’t speak cause I can’t hear you, talkin’ all that jibber-jabber, we the emcees and y’all are just rappers.


Simmer is a collection of collaborations, unreleased singles, and exclusive leaks from upcoming J.Smo solo projects.


released April 25, 2018

written by J.Smo of BUNKS
produced by J.Smo of BUNKS, Fell Peepz, , JAW, J.Smo of BUNKS
mixed and mastered at One Mic Studios, Sacramento, California
(c) 2018 MPC Recording Company
(p) 2018 Unlimited Sounds International Music (BMI) // Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution LLC


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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