Self​-​Destruction EP


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Passion speaks louder than action, Mine grabbed hold and said “stop relaxing, time to do this here!” Show ‘em you can do it, leave ‘em dripping in tears, J.Smo going to make all the rappers find new careers, One mic, one life, one dream, one cause, I’m determined to make it, no matter the odds, Ya’ll said I’d never do it, now it’s me you can’t dodge, BUNKS In Ya Trunk rocking out your garage, We keep it raw, gritty, underground, simplicity style, We flow with forces greater than the current of the Nile, Now I got the last laugh, hearing voices from my past, While ya’ll were busy talking, I perfected my craft. They said we couldn’t do it, so what we going to do? Call up Gro, hit the yo, bang out a beat or two (yea), Take these fools to school, going to show them why we rule, The BUNKS’ll blow your trunk to bits to show you how we do. They said I couldn’t do it, they said I couldn’t rhyme, All the haters tried to tell me I was wasting my time, Waste not, want not, you know I’m sick with these lines, I hope they got theirs cause I’m still getting mine, I take a day at a time, stacking rhyme after rhyme, Making something out of nothing cause we stay on the grind, The BUNKS inspire my design to blow your mind, Flow kicking like a shotgun line after line, Stay true to my crew cause they lift me up, If life is champagne bubbles then I’m filling my cup, All these thoughts in my head, I’m about to erupt, I’ll break the bank on the haters while I grab my nuts, what?! My passion for this action divides you like a fraction, So why be asking? cold froze like Baskin, Looking for reaction based on satisfaction, Hater enhancement I’m outlasting, Words more powerful than boulders that get blasted, Vocabulary potion, mixed and custom casted, Only one question for those who thought laughing, And said this couldn’t happen, What you think I do this for? Fame with a bankroll? Never! I’ma hit for my love, And the people, who kept it real under steeples, Create with a pencil, imagination simple, Bad vibes will catch you, Karma will correct you.
At All Times 04:04
Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge & Sound, Better find yourself some earplugs if you don’t like it loud, We’ll turn it up by decibels just to rock the crowd, Find these boys incredible, if you’d shut your mouth, If you’d listen to the message that we’re trying to say, We’re tired of working for the man for minimum wage, So let’s start us a movement, let’s show ‘em how we do it, Put the Love back in the middle like Jennifer Hewitt, I’m acting on instinct; I don’t care what you think, I’m living day to day, hoping, my ship, it don’t sink, I’m living moment to moment, avoid staying dormant, If I enter into boredom, it’s my thoughts that torment, This music is my melody, Boiling in my soul, release it carefully, Breathe, think & feel, that’s all I’ll ever be, If that’s hip hop, then I’ll be it happily. We breathe (music) We think (music) We feel (music) We are the BUNKS Walking alone, sounds ring within my bones, I’m going to use this till the day after grown, Only one condition from the place always roam, Get it how you live and packages will bulge, Learn quick, work smarter, Don’t get caught up in product, Material objects obligate your pocket, Tight in the groove like a millimeter socket, Keep it real with my music, This companionship is priceless. I’m writing line after line, keeping up with the times, People jacked up on the music like they are doing my lines, Got a passion for these rhymes, steal the show like it’s a crime, Cause Gro done got the flow and I’ve been serving my time, I keep it thorough in the Boro but I said it before, Working on my beats, I’m enjoying my chores, If you snore on the BUNKS, we’ll settle the score, If you bring down my vibe, I’ma show you the door, So throw it up like an Olsen if you’re feeling the groove, I stay running with my crew and we be on the move, Collecting on my thoughts, sick of paying my dues, You couldn’t lace up my sneaks or stand in my shoes. From the bass to the treble, turn it up another level, Pump the pres to the max, signal popping like a kettle, Flipping flows to the fellas, try to keep it kind of mella, But I got a tendency to raise clouds like propellas, With these forces unmatched, no strings attached, I kill ‘em with the brutal honesty when questions are asked, Reverb, Delay, Filters, Decay, Effects infect every nerve of your brain.
Pretty Mama 03:28
We locked eyes from across the room, I told myself that I was feeling you, I hoped that you would feel me too, I crossed my heart, it skipped a beat and when I looked at you, I knew real soon, that you were the one I’ve been waiting on, I said a prayer that it was true and fate was a drug I been leaning on, You’ve got me high off your perfume, Can’t let you know what I been dreaming on, I’ll hold you close if you want me too, Press lips till dawn as I lay with you, So hey pretty mama, won’t you give me your hand? I’m doing all that I can just to be your man. Hey pretty mama, won’t you walk over here? I got something that I need to ask, I’ll whisper in your ear, I think that you’re so beautiful, your eyes they make it clear, I want to spend some time with you in hopes to keep you near. Emotional investments gone bad from relationships I had, Say bye to the ladies, I prefer the mic, Smart businessmen know when to cut the ties, But then there she was (there she was), Distracting – attracting me, Bringing second thoughts so casually, This can’t be happening, actually it is, From her tats to her hair, from her voice to her stare, From the day she set the spark I can’t get the flame up out my head, Oh no, what do I do? Every time I see her eyes, I’m hypnotized, If I said go away, I’d tell a lie, Can I please hold you close and be satisfied? I treat women like queens, but they always take advantage of me, So its wam bam thank you ma’am; I’m out the door, But you got me thinking look for more, I try to forget but you just won’t go, Got me thinking I’m going crazy cause I’m losing control, Whoa…. Slow it down, think a minute, Collect my thoughts, compose a sentence, Stop being timid, stay on the mission, If you talk she’ll probably listen, Oh, it sounds so easy, will results, they be so pleasing? I don’t know, this itch is teasing, What you going to do? I think she’s leaving.
Ever since ’82, dead presidents have structured my life, An unnecessary evil that I needed to survive, Never fully explained interest rates, And that when they inflate, there is no escape, Now, everyone I know is piled in the hole, There’s no more room in the inn, so where do we go? I’m headed to the studio, with no radios or TVs, Just equipment that I need for proper release, Infect like a disease, give ‘em something that they money worth, Make ‘em feel the hurt when we slam ‘em to the turf, Tired of flipping cushions for change, just to maintain, Put my soul into this music; let it enter your brain, Sow the seeds, hope they grow, bring about some change, Cause the game is saturated with diamonds and chains, And people losing they life digging up jewels in mines, Its time to stop and pray for a new state of mind. Blast from the past, past, Pressured by the cash, cash, B.U.N.K.S. tell ya how it is, dolla dolla bills ya’ll, Every nation that’s stood has taken its fall, So pay attention to effects and be aware of the cause. Blast from the past, pressurized cash, cash, Dolla bills, BUNKS tell ya how it is, One Mic kicking thrills, listen up and you will hear, 80s babies years are near, Approach the mic with a strong hand, Word, mouth to ear, Spreading out coast to coast, wipe ya eyes, And you can see the clear vision rise, Amount to monopoly, land full of property, Obviously, its got to be, the most that we offer, see, Effects only cause, true reasons fall, To the bottom of the pond, take a arm for a leg, Eventually, this measure will protect all deceivers, Treat enemies, as if, they were golden retrievers, A dog is a man’s best friend till the end, Crops don’t grow and rains don’t flow, Catch a drift, paddle boats, across the globe. After shock from the blast felt from first down to last, And the first be the last, to part with their cash, In class divisions, we all make decisions, Cash rules everything around where we living, Give what you can, take what you need, Our capitalistic nature is set for greed, The need to succeed supercedes all beliefs, The nature of the beast is fueled by grief, Relief is what we seek in the form of a dolla, Stand up and lead cause every one else will follow, Wallow around in your tears so holla, Scene so pitiful it makes me wanna holla, I don’t know what else to do, I’ve done preached till my face turned blue, But I ain’t through, no giving in, Blast from the past, the BUNKS are at it again.
Cut the Feed 02:15
Situation critical, we can’t be saved by our genitals, It’s not safe to make love anymore, Greed and desire has turned us to whores, Diseases passed down the line, health never restored, Keep the lust to a minimum, When priests touch boys, don’t you think we should sentence them? Instead sermons that we listening, Never in this life should we let them do the christening, Sacred rituals, We missing them, Where does the cycle end? Feel extinction of this race, about to begin, Not a prophet, just a man with a pen, And feelings trapped inside that are wearing me thin, How do you find right when we glamorize sin? Got a TV in your home, then you’re surely connected, See the Bush on the screen and you’re supposed to respect it, But I see the image and I want to correct it. Images engraved, cut the feed, Bring the satellites down and end the greed, Minds programmed by the TV screen, Advertisements, propaganda, they got what we need. Desire deplenish our weak limit, Heaven sent to rebirth, Long lasting evolution, Hell on the surface of earth, Gradual, concluct, compromise, Global entrees put a hole in the sky, Heat increase and the cold ice froze, Spiritually bombard, chemicals explode, Infections decrease, soak up plants and seeds, We did it to ourselves, now our planet is deceased. Face down in the gutter, Put our trust in a box like sheep we cluster, Never think for ourselves so these images fester, Test against our will hoping soon we can best it, Makes me want to scream when the images collect in, (ARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!) Blasting satellites down, time to fix the feed, I’ve never understood why morons breed, Images engraved we enslaved to our own chains, Freedom is engrained in our brains, now grab the reigns.
Against all odds, we’re bangin’ out tracks, The name is Gro with the BUNKS, the hottest thing on wax, See the thump in ya speakers, set the volume to max, The BUNKS will hit ya like that thing for ya cataracts, Matter of fact, got more tracks than railways, I’ll say the only way to do it is our way, Today’s our day, our time to shine, Hope you got yours cause I’m getting mine. Even when this takes time, Steady climbing up an incline, Resort to a bass line, Ease the crease with a hot iron, Shifting through my mission, vision focused, In my mind, seventeen, what you need? Enemies, they seize, spiritually complete, If you don’t believe, get raw meat, eat it, Now you have beef, literally, The BUNKS unique, kapieche? Do what you gotta do, get it how you live, If you do it with respect, then you’ll get it how you give, If you want more, need more, go on and get it, If you need more, take more, never regret it, If you got what you want, live your life to the fullest, Adapt to situations, this world is the cruelest, Twenty-five years, I must be destined for this, Casue when I hit my rock bottom, all I had was my music, I’m only looking for fortune, I ain’t searching for fame, Provide a future for my son so he ain’t stuck in the game, I’ll give it all till I die, keep peace of mind thru these rhymes, Always digging for the answers where the questions never lie, Always finding all the questions, answers don’t coincide, The system lacking logic, think it’s time to override, We came to leave you with this, the BUNKS are full of these hits, We leave you mind, heart and soul, two fingers, and a kiss.
Forget You (free) 03:55


This EP includes all the songs cut from the final release of Generica plus a few extras that have never been released.


released September 30, 2008


all rights reserved



J.Smo of BUNKS Sacramento, California

J.Smo has been releasing music independently since 1999, originally as part of BUNKS (Manchester, Tennessee). Now a father of 3, husband, CMO, COO, musicpreneur, educator and jedi-of-many-trades, J.Smo continues to share his journey and thoughts while facing inner demons head on through rhyme. ... more

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